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BOOK TOUR DATES - Everyone is Welcome!
I'll be touring the great South West WA over the  next two weeks, so please come join me to celebrate the book launch where I'll be sharing a few yarns and good times and signing books.  Tour details ......
During the Aus VS South Africa Test at the WACA, Hoggy spoke with The Cricket Show about the Test, old times, and his new book 'The Wrong'Un'.


This book has been a labour of love over the last 12 months and  has finally hit the shelves in paperback and online versions this week.  It has been a wonderful experience reflecting on my life thus far, and I owe so much gratitude to the impeccable writing talents of Greg Growden - thankyou for your literacy and decoding my Hoggisms into a book that's shaped into a nice little read, even if I do say so myself.  To the crew at Black Inc. thankyou for getting behind the idea and getting Greg involved.  The hard work starts now - can you believe there are eight other cricket title books being released before the end of this year?  My timing has always been ... interesting!  I tried to approach the book as a conversation with a friend, and I hope you enjoy the stories and take comfort that somewhere out there is someone else, dealing with the same things that everyone else does, and manages to get up in the mornings and keep going because there's nothing like aspiring for another great day!   Hoggy.


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Day Night Test Cricket
Hoggy explores the Day Night phenomena  - balls and all ....
ODI's - let's even the contest between bat and ball ...
ODI's - Hoggys take on evening up the contest between bat and ball and how Umps can make a difference ....
To-ing and Throwing

Confusion with Actions

If you don’t attend to smoke you get an out of control fire, so it’s not surprising that some 20 odd years ago, we could have prevented the farce created today.   The scrutiny of bowling actions over the last year has caused unwanted conjecture in our game. The to-ing and throwing of players being reported, tested, cleared, reported and retested with their actions is causing me untreatable motion sickness.  (click for more ....)
As I watched the West Indies and Zimbabwe’s World Cup match in Canberra, it was as clear as dogs testicles that the DRS is flawed with the revie...
Who will win this year’s World Cup?
Lets take a close look at the competition ... and gaze into the crystal ball to predict a WINNER!
The topic on everyones lips .... can Michael Clarke get his hamstring right to take Australian Cricket forward?  And if not, who?
Enjoyed a brilliant interview with Dennis and Cat on their No. 1 rating Podcast 'Can't Bowl Can't Throw'.  We had lots of laughs as they presented questions from listeners all around the world.   Check it out here, and checkout some of their back catalogue of interviews too - I'll be checking the site regularly from now on.  Awesome show!
It always astounds me that spin on the WACA is always a second thought on the selection panel. Yes it is a bouncy quick wicket, but the Fremantle Doct...
Leading wicket takers in World Cup History ....
World Cups are the best opportunity for every player in the team to rise up and take their team to the high of World Cup champions. Though cricket is a team game where 11 players decide the faith of every match and eventually the tournament but, every champion team has had that one player who out performed all to help the team claim title. Bowlers have played decisive role in world cups as well, so here are the Leading wicket takers in cricket world cup history. As the stage is being set for the 2015 world cup in Australia and New Zealand, teams are digging under the usual cover to extract out the talent that they can add to their arsenals. And now that the ICC’s premier most tournament is hosted by a bowler intensified country. Here’s a look at those bowlers who have dominated batsmen in this tournament in the past.
Golfing Around ....
Hogg and friends get a nasty surprise when Hogg tries to retrieve a ball from a sand bunker, only to find it is occupied by a dog!

Shane Watson and Hoggy golfing in India during the 2013 IPL - the land of many mysteries lives up to it's name on the 7th hole!

Chatting with BBC UK
Hoggy chats with Sportstalk UK ... sledging, spinners, WACA test .... it's all heating up over here .... http://talksport.com/cricket/exclusive-hogg-...
My Test Team for the Ashes

 With & Without Watson 

Hoggys Team for the 2013 Ashes Test Series in Australia ....


Throwing In Cricket (concerning off spin bowling)
This is an extremely contentious issue and it ruffles my feathers for the integrity of the game. I was so astonished by some player actions when watching a game on TV a short while ago, that I spent two hours freeze framing the action of an off-spinner, vainly attempting to use a protractor  to determine the degree of bend in his elbow.  Of course I can't get the angles to reflect the camera angles, but that said ... to my eye and intense study, it looked closer to a 35 degree angle than 15 degree. There are a number of bowlers around the world that are utilizing the 15 degree allowance of the elbow very liberally. Players don’t need to be named, everyone knows who they are.
Keep Australian Sport Clean
My views on the present saga with the Australian Crime Commission into Drugs In Sport.
Match Fixing
In any sport can it be stopped ? ...
Brad Hogg - Reflections of 2011/12 Comeback
It was an absolute privilege to participate in the game of cricket which provided so much joy and comfort to my life.
Since my retirement, the four years out of first class and international cricket felt like I was in solitary confinement experiencing ground-hog day. Waking up each morning with the creeping realisation that my days as a sportsman were over, and although it got easier over the years, it was always absent and I felt the hole in my being like a missing limb.
The Brad Hogg Website

Welcome to my website.

Most of the content will contain cricket news at the start, but don’t be surprised if a subject from left field arrives in front of your eyes, there are many other interests that I enjoy making the odd comment on too. ,..

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